A recommendation post for my 55 favorite horror movies

It’s October, so here are my 55 favorite horror movies in no particular order! I meant to get this out toward the beginning of the month and not with only uhhh one day left. Better late than never, right? And if the rumors are true, you can watch horror movies whenever you want and not just in October. Wow! I’ve also got you covered with this Letterboxd list in case you don’t want to scroll through my unhinged rambling.

A Note Before We Begin:

I’m not particularly interested in nitpicking what is and isn’t “horror.” If you come across something on this list that you don’t think is actually a horror movie, maybe try to think about why I included it. Horror doesn’t always look like what you’d expect. Horror As Genre warrants it’s own post, but very quickly: I think horror is anything that points at something and says “isn’t this scary?” in the same way comedy points at things and says “isn’t this funny?” Horror is anything that confronts darkness, or turns our fears and anxieties into something tangible that we can no longer ignore. And, of course, horror just feels like horror. “Would you care to elaborate?” No.

With that out of the way, here we go!

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