Recent horror movies you might have missed

It’s already 2020 so the time for “End Of The Year” lists may have already passed (here’s mine), but I wanted to take a second to mention a few recent horror/horror-adjacent movies I watched in 2019 that you might have missed. I’m focusing on some less-talked about movies here, so you’re not gonna see things like Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark, Midsommar or Us on this list. Don’t get me wrong, those movies are great. They just don’t really need me giving them a visibility boost. Your mileage may vary with these, especially since some of them haven’t seen much buzz due to uhhh “poor critical acclaim,” but whatever! Here are 13 recent movies you might have never heard of, glazed over, need an excuse to watch, or just forgot about that I enjoyed. Maybe you will too!

Disclaimer: this isn’t meant to be a comprehensive list because I too haven’t seen a few of the 2019 horror movies on my list (such as Little Monsters, Girl On The Third Floor, Depraved, Lux, etc.)

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